1,200-year-old Canoe Pulled from Lake: 'Remarkable artifact'

MADISON, Wis. (WFRV) – A 1,200-year-old canoe was pulled from a lake in Wisconsin Tuesday.

The Wisconsin Historical Society says maritime archaeologists recovered a dugout wood canoe from the bottom of Lake Mendota Tuesday. The canoe is estimated to be 1,200-years-old and was in use around 800 A.D. The canoe could be the oldest water vessel known in the state that is still completely intact.

Carbon dating was reportedly used to determine the age of the canoe. The Dane County Sheriff’s Office dive team helped raise the canoe from a depth of around 30 feet.

“The dugout canoe found in Lake Mendota is a significant artifact of the continuum of canoe culture in the Western Great Lakes region,” said Christian Overland, the Ruth and Hartley Barker Director & CEO for the Wisconsin Historical Society.