2020 Census Kicks Off in Remote Alaskan Village

Grab your calculator, the 2020 Census is officially underway.

The once in a decade count of America’s population officially kicked off Friday in a Toksook Bay, Alaska.

Why there? They’re not going west to east or starting where the fewest people live.

The Census Bureau’s director says things take longer in Alaska because the ground is still frozen.

Many areas can only be reached by airplane or snowmobile and some of the native populations only speak indigenous languages.

Most of the rest of us won’t be getting our paperwork in the mail until March.

The Census Bureau is spending half a billion dollars on marketing to make sure everyone fills it out.

Accurate census data is important because it determines how many representatives each state gets in Congress and how federal funds are distributed.

Source: NewsNet | 2020 Census Kicks Off in Remote Alaskan Village