Administrators at Clovis High on alert after racially charged graffiti found on campus for second time

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) —

For the second time in five months, Clovis High School is dealing with racist graffiti by a student on campus.

“We were notified late yesterday by a group of students and then it showed up on social media. We had already taken steps to investigate the situation. Made sure we had cleaned the area and it just continued from there,” said Denver Stairs, Clovis High Principal.

Back in May racist threats were written on bathroom walls and stalls. Now this derogatory rant has appeared on the top of lockers etched in dust.

“We’ve taken all the disciplinary measures that we could and that, like anything, is a process that we have to follow. So the minute we were made aware of it we could get our team together to do that we did exactly that,” said Stairs.

Christian Copeland is a Clovis High senior and was first made aware of the recent racist graffiti Tuesday night via social media.

“It’s annoying. I hear it a lot, especially last year, but I try to dust it off and don’t let it get to me.”

Stairs addressed the graffiti Wednesday sending out a message to parents that read in part, “We will not tolerate this type of behavior toward anyone in our Cougar family and we are committed to continuing our efforts to create a campus environment that promotes mutual respect and care for each other.”

“I don’t think we have a racism problem on campus. I think we have some kids that made some very bad choices,” said Stairs.

The principal also scheduled meetings with concerned parents to discuss the matter further.

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