BallotTrax service ensures counted votes for Mesa County's mail-in ballots

MESA COUNTY, Colo. (KREX)- Voting isn’t just making a choice on paper, it’s a transaction that takes effort from voters and the election office. Several Colorado counties used BallotTrax before the state recognized it as an effective tool.

Three notifications will break down how your ballot is processed as it moves through each step.

“The first one’s dependent on the system and with our calendar, the second notification is dependent on the voter on when they return it, and the third is dependent on the back room as to when they get it accepted to be counted,” Mesa County Election Supervisor Sheila Reiner explains.

Counting ballots depends on technology and people. Bipartisan teams of election judges manage the verification processes.

Judges for Mesa County Elections are a local group of registered voters who are not only hands-on help but a valuable resource.

“The judges here at the vote service polling center can assist you, so they’re an extension of our elections office,” Mesa County Election Manager for the Front Office Stephanie Wenholz describes, “If you need any assistance, they’re able to help you here. You can vote in person you can get a mail ballot. It’s just a great little extension that also helps ballot tracks. It’s all, kind of, one circle.”

Technology assists with accuracy and efficiency. Between BallotTrax and trained judges, this election in Mesa County is set to be safe and secure.

Election Day this year is November 2, so there’s still time to register through or

If you don’t get your mail in ballot by October 15, you may need to verify your information online or call the Mesa County Elections Office at (970) 244-1662 for a replacement.

Source: Grand Junction Local News | BallotTrax service ensures counted votes for Mesa County’s mail-in ballots