Bergsma is fastest at 2 distances in speedskating qualifier

Heather Bergsma turned in the fastest times in the women’s 500 meters and 1,500 meters at the U.S. speedskating team’s long track World Cup qualifier.

Bergsma had the best 500 time for the second straight day Saturday, at 39.17 seconds. She was followed by Kelly Gunther (39.63), Jerica Tandiman (40.04) and Sugar Todd (40.29).

Bergsma led the 1,500 at 1:58.26, followed by Mia Manganello (2:00.10), Paige Schwartzburg (2:01.68) and Petra Acker (2:02.56).

Mitch Whitemore had the fastest time in the men’s 500 for the second consecutive day in a row, at 35.31. Jonathan Garcia (35.79) and Kimani Griffin (36.11) followed him.

Joey Mantia led the men’s 1,500 in 1:46.86. Two-time Olympic champion Shani Davis (1:47.34) was second, followed by Brian Hansen (1:49.31) and Emery Lehman (1:50.04).

Speedskaters are competing for spots in World Cup races beginning Nov. 11 in China. The U.S. has four quota spots for women and three for men in the international events, determined by the fastest 500 times from the two attempts at the race.

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