Bloomberg Weighs White House Run, Files Paperwork

A possible shakeup in the democratic presidential race…

Former New York City mayor, and multi-multi billionaire Michael Bloomberg may throw his hat into the ring.

According to a spokesman — Bloomberg will file necessary paperwork to get on the democratic primary ballot in Alabama.

That’s despite saying earlier a presidential run was off his mind:

“When you look at the layout of who’s going to vote and where the country is I would be very unlikely to get re-elected, to get elected but in the private sector I can make a difference.”

While Bloomberg is filing now to meet the state’s early deadline, he has yet to make a final decision on entering the race.

A person familiar with Bloomberg’s thinking says he is reconsidering the run because of his long-time adversary — President Trump — whom he has called a “con”.

Source: NewsNet | Bloomberg Weighs White House Run, Files Paperwork