Border Patrol to Send Some Migrants to South Florida

Two counties in South Florida are bracing for an influx of migrants.

Broward and Palm Beach County officials say the U.S. Border Patrol has told them to expect about three-hundred migrants a week coming from Texas starting in about two weeks.

They say they haven’t been given a plan and that they don’t have the resources to handle incoming people who need housing, food, and medical care.

Last month, President Trump said he was considering placing illegal immigrants in so-called sanctuary cities to punish opponents of his immigration policy.

With the White House not commenting on the news, it appears to be the first evidence that Mr.Trump is trying to make good on that threat.

Palm Beach authorities are calling the move dangerous and that it will put a real strain on public resources.

The migrants will be processed for asylum and then released.

Source: NewsNet | Border Patrol to Send Some Migrants to South Florida