Browns’ Pryor ‘angered’ by Titans player bragging about hit

Browns wide receiver Terrelle Pryor is “angered” over Tennessee running back Antonio Andrews posting a video of his vicious hit that hospitalized Cleveland safety Jordan Poyer.

Andrews nailed Poyer with a devastating blindside hit in Sunday’s game. Poyer suffered a lacerated kidney and spent two nights in a Nashville hospital before he was discharged Tuesday and returned to Cleveland.

Andrews posted video of the illegal hit on Instagram with the caption: “relentless.”

Pryor said he didn’t have an issue with the hit, but with Andrews bragging about it. Pryor called Andrews “a special teams guy” and was mad at him for “popping that stuff on there like you’re some type of superhero or something just because you’re hitting a guy blindsided and you think that’s cool, that’s where the problem comes in.”

Poyer also responded on Twitter to Andrews, asking him why he would post it on social media. Andrews comments it’s a “contact sport” but did tell Poyer to “get well soon.”

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