Buckin' Bulls: The Story of Ty Rinaldo

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo (KREX) — Meet Ty Rinaldo. This former PRCA-ranked bull rider competed at the highest levels for nine years. How’d it all get started? “I grew up in a ranching and rodeo family. Going to rodeos while I was young with my parents and watching all the events at the rodeo,” says Ty Rinaldo.

Ty won two Colorado State Championships in bull riding and took bulls to the PBR World Finals and National Finals Rodeo Championships. All good until an accident threw him off his career path for good in 1993.

Rinaldo also says, “I drew a bull that night that had a really bad reputation of wanting to hurt people and his bucking style would jerk you down on his head.” Ty endured the pain and suffering no rider wants to experience. He suffered a closed head injury, and just like that, his bull riding chapter closed.

An entirely unexpected plot twist happened when Ty ran into fellow Central High School student, Don Cardona, at a bull riding event. Cardona says, “he invited me to his ranch, I asked him if I could follow him around with a camera, not even knowing what I was going to do. After a year of shooting, I thought this is really interesting, so a friend of mine suggested I put it together in documentary format and I did.”

Cardona says a single scene turned into a larger project and the larger project that highlights Ty’s bull riding career won the best documentary, best cinematography, and other awards at the 6th annual Wild Bunch Film Festival in Willcox, Arizona.

Although Rinaldo says it was tough to walk away from something he enjoyed so much, he’s thrilled to see his passion unfold on the big screen, “it’s very special and man I appreciate everything that Don’s done for me. It’s kind of weird. To be kind of honest with you I never dreamed there would be a documentary made about me or a movie about me,” says Rinaldo.

Cardona says his documentary really helped him understand and appreciate the western lifestyle. He hopes it will do the same for others, “I learned so much about the western lifestyle and about how well taken care of these bulls are and they’re treated like family,” says Cardona.

From the chute to the screen, “Buckin Bulls: The Story of Ty Rinaldo” is sure to bring the reality of bull riding home.

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Source: Grand Junction Local News | Buckin’ Bulls: The Story of Ty Rinaldo