CDOT and police driven to decrease fatal crash count

COLORADO (KREX) — 672 people were killed on Colorado roadways in 2021 – the most deaths since 2002. Colorado Department of Transportation expects that number to increase at the current trend of incoming crash reports.

One way traffic safety agencies feel the roads can be safer is through voluntary compliance to the rules of the road. Law enforcement across the state believes that can work if we’re all in this together.

“It’s congestion, it’s all those things” Colorado State Patrol Chief Matthew Packard states, “When you crash’ or, when somebody is crashing, you engage in that, that slows it down hat makes it less safe in the traffic back up for you

“A lot of it’s not about public transit, it’s about a personal choice to run a red light,” Colorado Springs Police Department Chief Vincent Niski expresses, “It’s about a personal choice to drive 100 miles an hour we’re just asking for people to be more aware of what they’re doing when you’re driving and make the right choice while they drive.”

CDOT is committed to giving two million dollars in the 2022 calendar year for traffic safety campaigns.
According to Colorado State Patrol Chief Packard, no discussion has been made about raising fines for speeding, reckless driving, or other factors that lead to vehicle crashes.

Source: Grand Junction Local News | CDOT and police driven to decrease fatal crash count