Celebrating the day in Palisade this Hallo-weekend

PALISADE, Colo. – (KREX) Sauvage Spectrum wineries, a wine company that first started in Denver, quickly moved to the Grand Valley after experiencing all the Western Slope has to offer. “Because it is all about the community, we wouldn’t be here without the community of Palisade,” Michelle West, Sauvage Spectrum, Wine Club manager said.

Like many wineries in the area, Sauvage is a family owned business, but as one of the newest vineyards, owners look for every opportunity to open their doors to the community. “Companies grown a lot over the years and it’s just really fun to be able to see that and be part of it,” Taryn Brooks, Sauvage Spectrum, Tasting Room associate said.

This Halloween weekend, Sauvage is opening its vineyards for their annual hallo-wine party. “We hope that people experience a lot of fun when they come, we want everyone to celebrate every day, that is our motto,” Brooks said, “We like to show people around and get them into the winery and to experience what we have to offer here.”

Sauvage Spectrum is celebrating the day, but also the end of harvest this Hallo-weekend. “It’s really kind of our vision to keep it going and keep making it better and better every year,” West said.

An event that continues to grow each year, but isn’t limited to celebrating just the spooky holiday. “Halloween is just such a fun time, its the end of harvest, everyone is just ready to have a good time,” West said, “We really just want to push it out and keep the parties going while the weather is still good.”

Anyone interested in joining the celebration can expect Halloween themed drinks and events but that’s not all. “We have firefly entertainment out tonight they are a blast, we really like to keep the party going, we have photo-booth which is a lot of fun, yard games cornhole, connect four,” West said, “We are definitely fast paced and we like to just have a really good time.”

Source: Grand Junction Local News | Celebrating the day in Palisade this Hallo-weekend