City of Compton To Start Giving Cash To Low-Income Residents

During the pandemic, families in one California city will start receiving cash payments.

“I know a lot of families out here struggling, so guaranteed money would be great,” said Jasmine Moore who lives in Los Angeles.

The Mayor of Compton announced a pilot program, called Compton Pledge, this week giving 800 city residents free cash for two years.

“You actually have a lot of assistance programs that are leaving people behind whether it’s because of their immigration status or transferring out of incarceration or a number of other unique circumstances,” said Jamarah Hayner, co-director of Compton Pledge.

The Compton Pledge gives recurring cash with no strings attached. The exact amount hasn’t been determined yet but will be at least a few hundred dollars a month.

“I think it’s awesome man, we definitely need it. A lot of people really suffer during this pandemic,” said Shawn Henson, who owns a barbershop in Compton. “People are unable to get back to where they were before and it’s tough, so it’s a good thing.”

Now other mayors around the country are also making pledges to support programs like this, with 25 onboard so far.

“Another thing that’s really important to know about this program is there are no tax-payer dollars going towards this, this is entirely privately funded,” said Hayner.

So far the program has raised over 2.5 million dollars in private donations.

Source: NewsNet | City of Compton To Start Giving Cash To Low-Income Residents