Colorado House District 55 Debate


The Redlands Rotary Club served as host of a debate on Friday afternoon for candidates running in the Republican Primary for District 55 of the Colorado House.
Rick Taggart and Patricia Weber are the two GOP candidates battling for primary votes.

The debate took place at the Venue at Fisher’s Market in Grand Junction.

Candidates discussed community issues, and how they plan to address them. A surge in local crime rates healthcare issues, and transportation issues were all mentioned during the forum. But, one question the moderators missed is the candidates stance on gun reform, in the wake of recent mass shootings. District 55 candidate Patricia Weber says, “Why is this happening? I think we need to take a look at that, and our mental health issues, and what is happening to our kids today. Is there something on social media that is contributing to this. So, I think sometimes we’re asking the wrong question, and we need to look at why before we can decide how.”

Candidate Rick Taggert shares a similar viewpoint. “One of the things I think we need to tackle at a federal level, and a state level is the root cause,” said Taggart. “We keep blaming it on guns, and if we don’t address the mental illness, if we don’t address the hate, we’re never gonna solve this.”

The Primary Election is on June 28th. Votes must be cast by 7 pm that night.

Source: Grand Junction Local News | Colorado House District 55 Debate