Colorado legislative session year-end

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — It’s been a unusual year for colorado lawmakers this legislative session, even up to the very end of the year, people like senator Don Coram were up to their neck in bills.

“In the last ten days, I think we had 303 pieces of legislation that either needed action in one or both houses, and that is not normal,” Senator, Don Coram attested.

While that may be out of the ordinary, other lawmakers, like State Representative Janice Rich, recalls this year’s session as a success.

“This year, every bill that I co-primed passed but one,” State Representative, Janice Rich added.

Sometimes if you set up the environment just right, you can actually get what you ask for. A negotiation lesson State Representative Matt Sopher says he learned over the year.

“As we went back and forth, we didn’t ever give on our list, and finally, the democrats conceded to every single thing on our list we were asking for,” State Representative, Matt Sopher stated.

Even though this was a productive legislative session, nothing is permanent.

“All of these taxes and fees that have been waived or suspended are coming right back in 2023, and that’s what i’m really worried about,” Sopher mentioned.

The fight for hundreds of pieces of legislation still left on the table, starts all over next year

Source: Grand Junction Local News | Colorado legislative session year-end