Colorado Mesa University creates new sexual education task force

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo (KREX) — American Hookup: The New Culture of Sex on Campus may be one of the most important new books to hit Colorado Mesa University’s campus. The book helps school college students on sexuality and relationships.

Lisa Wade, the author of American Hookup, says, “a lot of students think that the way they feel about their experiences they’re having in college are totally different unique, they’re the only people having these experiences. Whatever they’re experiencing, I can guarantee there’s lot of other students experiencing the same thing.”

Author Lisa Wade says her book can be an important safety tool for students. Dr. Nikki Jones, Associate Professor at CMU, who co-created the new sex task force on campus, says Wade’s book was the driving force behind it, “it really did lead to the formation of our Real Talk committee on trying to spear-head more sexuality programming on campus.”

The task force is brand new to most students and staff. Jones also says, “we’re talking about things like  consent to try to decrease sexual assaults on campus, but we’re also talking about relationships, what is a  healthy relationship, what are unhealthy signs in relationships.” Wade believes her book can help get the conversation started.

Wade also says, “whether or not my book perfectly reflects what’s happening at CMU, it’s a starting point for a conversation.” Roy Hurford, a student at Colorado Mesa University, says, “probably be really relevant  here on a college campus, you throw a ton of teenagers out of high school into a building and it’s what you’re going to get.”

Dr. Jones hopes the program encourages parents and other educators to sit down with students and think about these hard topics. Jones also says, “how many parents are actually having this very uncomfortable conversation with their children, a lot of times they’re relying on the schools, the schools are relying on the parents and what we end up having is a lot of students who come here without ever having thought about  these really important issues that could have lifelong impacts on them.”

Source: Grand Junction Local News | Colorado Mesa University creates new sexual education task force