Colorado U.S. Senate candidate holds meet and greet


The Primary Election is fast approaching and Colorado U.S. Senate candidate Republican Joe O’Dea is on the campaign trail having already stopped at 24 counties in nine days, and now Mesa County is on the list. “I’m running one campaign, and it’s directed at Michael Bennet,” said O’Dea. “I’m not looking backwards, I’m looking forwards.”

O’Dea says he’s not focused on the 2020 election and the conspiracies being pushed by other candidates in the GOP, and if elected he says his first priority is to fight inflation with energy independence supplied by fossil fuels. “I’d like to tackle these permits, and getting drilling turned back on here in Colorado so we can catch up, and get a supply that’ll reduce the cost of gas,” said O’Dea.

The owner of CBI Constructors, and multiple event centers in Denver, is against excessive spending and regulations that create higher costs for business owners getting transferred to the customer, but what about water consumption? O’Dea says, “I think Colorado’s water should be managed by Colorado, and not the federal government. So, I would stay out of that, but what I would do is encourage the permit process for water storage. I think it’s critical here in these drought years that we’re able to hold on to as much water as we can.”

Finally, this carpenter that started his business out of his basement in 1983 wants to tackle one of the biggest issues facing our country right now: the safety of our children. “We need to put guards back in our schools,” said O’Dea. “I mean, it’s as simple as that. I know that Denver public schools does not have any right now. I would like to see us arm those guards, and put off duty police in the schools. That’s what we need to do.”

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Source: Grand Junction Local News | Colorado U.S. Senate candidate holds meet and greet