Congressional District 3 candidates make their voice heard

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District is currently 25% Democrat, 31% Republican and a growing 43% of unaffiliated voters.

campaigning for the June Primary election is underway and Republican candidate, Senator Don Coram wants to take the focus off the parties, “Let’s not talk about being Democrat or Republican or unaffiliated, let’s talk about being citizens of Colorado and American’s first,” Senator Coram says.

Similar to the Democrat candidates, Coram says it’s time for a change in CD3, “When I announced that I was running, the 10% on the extreme left and the 10% on the extreme right, they ignore the 80% in the middle,” Senator Coram says, “What we have been able to do is build a coalition of the 80% and I think that is enough to put us over the finish line.”

Democrat candidate Adam Frisch has a plan similar to Coram’s, but says the Senator needs 51% of the Republican vote, while he only needs 8%, “I know it seems uphill at the moment, but my math says that somebody and I think we are the only ones with respect to do it, is build a coalition,” Adam Frisch, CD3 Democrat candidate says, “We need fewer than 10% of her prior voters to switch and I think Don Coram is going to flush out 30% to 40% of that Republican primary ballot.”

With experience serving on the Aspen City Council, Frisch says he’s ready to make a difference in CD3, “October, November, when I started looking at the lay of the land and saw how weak and vulnerable Lauren Boebert is,” Frisch says.

Boebert in the midst of a firestorm was one of just nine Republican legislators to vote against legislation to allow WIC recipients access to baby formula — she also tweeted out that teens should be required to wait till age 21 to decide their sexual identity, “I think it’s important to realize that loud and embarrassing does not mean strong, nor does kind and thoughtful mean weak,” Frisch says.

Frisch says he is the only Democrat running who has experience passing laws, Senator Coram also mentioned Boebert’s inability to pass legislation, “You know the hundreds of pieces of legislation that I have sponsored and put into work for the State of Colorado and in comparison to her, she has zero,” Senator Coram says.

Following the June Primary election, the Republican and Democrat nominees will face independent candidate Kristin Skowronski and write-in candidate, Marina Zimmerman.

Source: Grand Junction Local News | Congressional District 3 candidates make their voice heard