CSU Global going against Tuition Spike Trend

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — It is no secret inflation sent the cost of going to college soaring. The trend spread across universities nationwide including Colorado, but Colorado State University stands out – bucking the trend by pointing students to its global online degrees.

“For all of our degrees, we have not increased tuition. We don’t have fees for in state, [or] out of state,” says Student Financial Services Director, Janine Smith.

Studies show 80% of students chose affordability as the driving factor behind which college they choose to attend. The other factors? Their desired program, career outcomes, and the school’s reputation.

“For us as a university we try to make sure we are counseling students on that debt that you know yes we make sure we do provide you with your full financial award but working with them to make sure they are only using what they need,” continues Smith.

External Relations Manager, Jenna Tarleton says online classes are more flexible for students who work full-time. She also says there are a huge number of programs online students can choose from.

“We have new programs that are coming on board. we have a new masters degree. a new business program that’s coming aboard,” says Smith.

CSU Global’s affordable online college tuition competes with an increasing number of online degree programs. Still, it’s a win for Colorado residents, and out of state students looking for new options to save money.

Source: Grand Junction Local News | CSU Global going against Tuition Spike Trend