D51 Students Earn 8,000 College Credits

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — According to final data collected from the past school year, District 51 students earned over 8,000 college credits from either Colorado Mesa University or Western Colorado Community College in 2021-22.

To be exact, 812 students completed a total of 8,053 college credit hours. They were able to do this through concurrent enrollment. Concurrent enrollment gives high school students the opportunity to take college courses and have the cost of tuition covered by District 51.

D51’s Director of Career and College Readiness, Cheryl Taylor, believes concurrent enrollment gives students the opportunity to experience college one class at a time and make sure it’s right for them before enrolling full-time. In some cases, students earn multiple credits before graduation all while avoiding the financial burden of tutiton.

“Our students who take concurrent enrollment classes graduate with a head start on their college career and graduate with the confidence that they are prepared for college-level work,” Ms. Taylor said.

Credit Hours  (8,053 TOTAL) Students  (812 TOTAL)
Central 2,167 225
Fruita Monument 2,107 228
Grand Junction 1,875 198
Palisade 1,066 95
R-5 95 12
Mesa Valley  524 37
Grand River 219 17

Any high school student interested in concurrent enrollment is encouraged to talk with their school counselor.

Source: Grand Junction Local News | D51 Students Earn 8,000 College Credits