Delta begins demonstration project, parklets to come

DELTA, Colo. (KREX) — Downtown Delta is taking Main Street changes for a test drive. CDOT allowed the city to make temporary changes to slow down traffic, and make main street a safe place to walk.

Delta’s City Manager Elyse Ackerman-Casselberry hopes the final product helps locals and visitors enjoy downtown.

“What used to be a lane of traffic will now be called an amenity zone,” Delta’s City Manager Elyse Ackerman-Casselberry informs, “That’s where there is some parking and they will eat our restaurants they will use the services that are down here and it’ll be even more of a fun place to be.”

The road is not the only thing Delta hopes to change. Leftover COVID relief funds will allow 11 local businesses to create parklets to enhance downtown life and activities.

Fourth and Main Exchange antique shop owners are excited to add designs that’ll benefit them throughout the year.

“In the summer, it’s gonna be awesome,” Fourth and Main Exchange Co-Owner Victoria Sterkel believes, “We’re gonna have flowers and shade and it’ll be fabulous.”

New traffic striping for walkways and bike lanes are part of condensing Main Street to two lanes. The road may be closed but Delta’s Main Street businesses are open with parking nearby.

“There’s so much parking all around on Palmer, on Meeker, on the side streets,” Sterkel lists, “There’s a little pocket park says little little parking lot all over.”

This is simply a test project. The City of Delta is gathering feedback every step of the way so main street can still reflect what people want.

“It would be very helpful if those comments are specific,” Ackerman-Casselberry elaborates, “If there’s an intersection that’s not working if you’ve experienced something you think should be different, we’re open to ideas.”

Delta will not make any changes permanent until the new pattern is thoroughly tested.

The 11 businesses getting parklets are:

  • CB’s Tavern
  • Fiesta Vallarta 
  • Break & Run Billiards 
  • A&M.Creations on Main
  • El Tapatio
  • Doghouse Espresso 
  • Vision Charter Academy 
  • 4th and Main Exchange 
  • Exploration Kid’s Therapy 
  • Daveto’s

Recommended detours are using Confluence Drive, Highway 92 and, if you want to get downtown use Palmer Street and Meeker Street between First Street and Seventh Street.

Source: Grand Junction Local News | Delta begins demonstration project, parklets to come