Denver Schools Threatened Ahead of Columbine Anniversary

Three days from the twentieth anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre, that school and others in the Denver area are closed today after what police call a credible threat.

The focus is on this woman, 18-year-old Sol pais.

The FBI says she flew from South Florida to Colorado on monday and immediately bought a pump-action shotgun and ammunition.

She poses what the FBI calls a credible threat to Denver-area schools and may be focused on Columbine.

Authorities have interviewed friends of Pais and as a result have great concern show may pose a threat to an area school.

Although police say Pais as so far not broken any law, they are extremely concerned she poses a threat to the public.

Pais is thought to be fascinated with the events that took place at Columbine that happened before she was even born.

Police have already been on high alert as the anniversary of the Columbine shootings approaches.

As an abundance of caution, more than five-hundred thousand students will stay home today from Denver-area classrooms.

Source: NewsNet | Denver Schools Threatened Ahead of Columbine Anniversary