“El Chapo” Trial Now In the Hands of the Jury

One of the most high-profile criminal cases is coming to a close as jurors in the trial against Joaquin “El Chapo” Cuzman head into a second week of deliberations.

They’ve failed to deliver a verdict so far, but experts say it could take time for them to sift through such a dark, complicated case.

“El Chapo” is accused of 10 federal criminal counts including: engaging in a criminal enterprise, drug trafficking and more.

He’s been arrested multiple times in Mexico and every time he’s broken out.

Once through a secret tunnel located under a shower in his cell.

But in 2016 ,as a result of this raid, he was captured, again.

This time extradited to the United States to stand trial.

Now jurors have been going through boxes and boxes of physical evidence plus more than 200 hours of testimony.

Testimony that’s shed light on the massive operating capability of the Sinaloa Cartel.

That includes allegedly using tunnel and even submarines to smuggle literal tons of drugs into the U.S.

The jury reports back on Monday.

Source: NewsNet | “El Chapo” Trial Now In the Hands of the Jury