Engineering Alert



Update: 9/17/2019: KVHF Channel 4.1 through 4.8 RECEPTION ISSUES
KVHF Channel 4 and all its sub-channels are now running on full-power. If you are still unable to get reception on Channel 4, please unplug your television for about 1 min, re-plug, turn-on and run your channel scan for over-the-air (Antenna) signal.

Update: 9/16/2019: KVBC 13.1 through 13.10 Outage in South Valley

In follow up to Friday’s alert, our engineers have discovered that Univision has launched a full power TV station in Bakersfield (KUVI Channel 45) that is causing interference with KVBC Channel 13 in Fresno. The interference has cancelled out the KVBC 13 signal for thousands of South Valley residents.

Viewers may call Univision in Bakersfield at (661) 324-0031 to express their disappointment and request that Univision adjust their signal so as not to disrupt the KVBC 13 signal in the South Valley.

Update: 9/13/2019: KVBC 13.1 through 13.10 Outage in South Valley

Viewers in the South Valley may experience outage or loss of signal on KVBC Channels 13.1 through 13.10. Our engineers have detected signal interference from a TV station in Bakersfield that recently started broadcasting with a new frequency. We will keep you updated with further developments as we received them.  Viewers seeking MeTV Fresno, channel 13.1 may try tuning in to 43.6, our simulcast of 13.1.

Update: 7/18/2019 :

KVHF Channel 4 and all sub-channels are now back on-air, but will be running on low power as we continue to make our final tests over the next 30 days, at which time we anticipate on resuming to full power broadcast.

New channels and channel position changes have occurred.  We recommend that viewers re-scan their televisions and/or converter boxes to receive the most recent updates.  Some televisions may require that you unplug your television from the wall for at least 10-minutes, then plug back in and commence with a channel re-scan.

Instructions and video tutorial can be viewed here.

Channel 4.1 TV Guide Channel viewers may still obtain real-time guide information by visiting our online TV guide.

Click here to visit our Online Guide

We appreciate your patience as our engineers and management work to complete the necessary changes and upgrades required.

Thank you,

VBC Engineering Dept.