Fremont, California Police Testing Out Tesla Police Car

A city in the San Francisco Bay Area is continuing their efforts to go green with their police vehicle.

Fremont, California is testing a police version of the Tesla Model S 85, which they hope will help the environment.

According to the Fremont Police, the used 2014 Model S 85 is replacing a Dodge Charger, which has reached the end of its service.

It’s all part of the city’s plan to reduce greenhouse emissions by 2020.

And electric police vehicles have the possibility to eliminate 10 percent of municipal emissions.

The Tesla, however, is more expensive to buy than a Ford Police Explorer.

That being said, the City of Fremont hopes the Tesla will last longer than the current five-year service life of police vehicles.

And to top it all off, Teslas are manufactured locally in Fremont, with the company headquartered across the bay in Palo Alto.

Source: NewsNet | Fremont, California Police Testing Out Tesla Police Car