Fruita student's gender-neutral project normalizes menstrual cycles, makes products accessible

FRUITA, Colo. (KREX) – Adele Foley has been wanting to help everyone she can during code red moments since she was a sophomore. She felt it was her responsibility not only to improve the stock of menstrual products, but make the crimson tide less of a taboo.

“Having this free dispensers with your free menstrual products will really destigmatize in the conversation about having a period and that it will be an open conversation,” Fruita Monument High School Senior Adele Foley addresses.

All periods and people are not the same, which is why this initiative prioritizes inclusivity.

“Adele’s project isn’t just resourceful, it’s free and gender neutral,” Cora Dickey reports, “Changing the world one cycle at a time, people can come up and pick up a pad or tampon to fulfill their emergency.”

With Family Health West’s funding, Adele’s project brings four dispensers and 9 thousand organic products.

Supporters were ecstatic, investing in this out-of-the-box project, hoping more community members will keep the cycle going

“This was less than $4000 for a full year of menstrual products putting these machines in and stocking them and really making a difference and making free products available to students,” Family Health West’s Heather Benjamin informs.

The point of replacing the menstrual products is to make a change that’s long-lasting and impactful. It’s only been one week and students are loving the upgrade.

“We have these really useful pads and tampons that will work for us girls that have really heavy flows,” Fruita Monument High School Junior Mackenzie Nenne shares, “Now it’s not this cheap stuff that never works and is never there.”

Users mention that the new products work for hours. Pads and tampons are free in every dispenser and available every 10 seconds.

Periods can start for someone as early as 10 years old. Adele and her supporters hope this project branches out to other campuses, including elementary schools in the valley, so nobody’s cycle cramps their style.

Source: Grand Junction Local News | Fruita student’s gender-neutral project normalizes menstrual cycles, makes products accessible