Funeral Homes Streaming, Delaying Services Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Indianapolis, IN  –  As large gatherings are restricted, funeral directors are finding new ways to help families lay their loved ones to rest.

David Ring, owner of Indiana Funeral Care in Indianapolis, Indiana told NewsNet affiliate WISH-TV he feels “so sorry for the families that we’re serving as we always do, but especially now.”

The daily disruptions caused by coronavirus are even extending to death.

Federal health officials now urging funeral directors to stream services online.

“It’s new territory,” ring told WISH.

Indiana Funeral Care is limiting in-person ceremonies to no more than 10 people.

“Most people are accepting of it,” said Ring, “but some are frustrated with it and push back and try to bend the rules a little bit. But we really have to adhere to the recommendations of the CDC and, of course, the governor.”

Ring and his staff are deemed ‘critical infrastructure workers’ amid the pandemic.

They fear exposure at large gatherings.

The company has already laid a fifth of Indiana’s confirmed COVID-19 victims to rest and may have worked with more.

“The death certificate is not being completed so we don’t know but it’s suspected,” said Ring.

Family members awaiting test results have continued visiting their funeral home locations.

Ring says that’s a concern and that has prompted him to encourage remote planning and even postponement.

“They don’t necessarily have to have a large gathering now,” according to Ring.” Even if they want to see their loved one in a casket, or see them before they’re cremated, they can come back a month or two from now, whatever is appropriate, and still honor that loved one’s life.”
It’s just delaying goodbye in an effort to keep more people alive.

Ring added that “the most difficult part of the disruption is not having the face-to-face with the families we deal with.”

Source: NewsNet | Funeral Homes Streaming, Delaying Services Amid COVID-19 Pandemic