GJ City Council appoints committee to oversee ARPA

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — The American Rescue Plan Act is part and parcel of President Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus package and it’s about to help nearly every county in the country in a fundamental way, including every Western Slope county.

While Mesa County Commissioners have already started spending the $30 million Biden’s plan granted our county, City of Grand Junction Council Members appointed a committee to decide how to spend its rescue dollars.

The 11 Grand Junction business leaders, non-profit organizations and economic officials on the committee will determine how and where to spend the $10.4 million granted to Grand Junction.

The committee’s first step was to appoint Homeward Bound Director, Bill Wade as the committee’s chair, “The City has taken the time to assemble a group of community leaders from various parts of the community that bring a whole lot of experience to the table,” Wade says, “The idea is that this is a limited amount of money, and the basic objective the committee will refine is to have the maximum impact for the people that were most affected by the pandemic.”

The diverse group on the committee will hold a bi-weekly meeting, open to the public.

The 11 members will consider specific projects to aid in COVID-19 recovery, but also to enhance the City’s economic sustainability in the future.

Source: Grand Junction Local News | GJ City Council appoints committee to oversee ARPA