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FRESNO. Calif. (KFSN) —

Fresno High has as storied an athletic history as any school in the valley or state and came up with a way to forever honor their Warriors through the Wall of Champions.

“We have all of these athletes that were part of the school of champions and so what if we did a video of the accomplishments of those athletes,” said former Fresno High principal Bob Reyes.

With support from the Fresno High Alumni Association, the idea came to life in the form of an interactive video board that tells the story of some of Fresno High’s finest athletes and teams.

“Well just off the top of my head I think everybody on this wall has achieved quite a bit. If you look back at the history of baseball, Frank Chance was the last manager to take the Cubs and win a World Series, that was over 100 years ago,” said Dave Brase of the Fresno High Alumni Association.

That is just one of the nearly 100 stories being told on a wall that continues to grow each year and inspire Fresno’s current athletes.

“It’s actually really cool to make Fresno High and to be a part of it and leave a memory here for the people that are in the future,” said Fresno High wrestler Eli Sepeda.

It’s connecting the past with the present and creating a rich high school experience in competition and in the classroom.

“What kids have to me about being here at Fresno High is the chance to interact with all the diversity on campus. So you have all those things going for you that makes this kind of a reflection of the wider community, it represents Fresno,” said Reyes.

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