Grand Junction celebrates the Kindred Reserve, residents appreciate open space

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Kindred Reserve is Grand Junction’s first open space park. Surrounded by views of the Colorado National Monument, Book Cliffs, and the Grand Mesa, the park was created for people to enjoy the outdoors.

The open space also serves as an extension to Tiara Rado Golf Course, which is one of many reasons redlands residents like Bob Beckley use it as much as possible

“We were at the golf course we got to reserve a side so you can hike, bike, golf, do you all kinds of outside activities without getting in your car. It’s walking distance closer,” Kindred Reserve Regular Bob Beckley “It’s a wonderful area, this is a great addition.”

Grand Junction’s park visitation doubled during the pandemic. On top of free parking and bathrooms on-site, the Kindred Reserve is a natural blend of community interests and innovation.

“The Kindred Reserve was made for everyone to enjoy and recreate,” Cora Dickey reports, “In the 37 acres, people are able to take a walk in nature or get rounds of golf done in one open space.”

The City of Grand Junction has owned the land for more than 25 years. The idea is to fill the void for areas of natural space within city limits.

“Being in the city, we really don’t have that many places that you can go immediately close to town where you feel like you’re in the woods,” Grand Junction Parks & Recreation Director Ken Sherbenou “Kindred reserve really does provide that ability where you got dense vegetation and a lot of mature trees.”

The Kindred Reserve already has an organic flair from its fencing to the city creating amenities at low cost. The City of Grand Junction hopes to make more improvements to Kindred Reserve over time.

Source: Grand Junction Local News | Grand Junction celebrates the Kindred Reserve, residents appreciate open space