Grand Junction family shares their adoption story during National Adoption Month

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo — One big happy family brought together through the blessing of adoption.

20 years ago, Paul and Lisa McGinnett had one goal in mind and that was to expand their family.

Lisa McGinnett says, “our goal was never to foster, it was always to adopt to build our family that way. However, you start things for one reason and you continue for a whole other because there’s such a huge need that we feel that, if we can provide a safe place for someone for a little while great and if they need a place long term, great and they become a part of our family.”

That one reason opened the door to four children, Neisha, Charlie, James, and Alex — who were all in need of a home.

Neisha, the oldest and only girl in the family, was adopted when she was three years old and was also a special gift to the family.

Paul McGinnett says, “in her situation, it seemed like she was going to be reunified with her mother. Adoption wasn’t really on our minds. As things progressed, it became apparent that it wasn’t going to end that way and adoption was going to be the case, but then we really didn’t know up until the last minute, all of sudden, we had a little girl in our laps and so it was like the best Christmas gift.”

Neisha McGinnett says, “it’s been really great, I consider them my regular family, there’s no difference. They provided like a lot for me, I feel like I probably wouldn’t have had in my previous family that I would’ve had. I’m thankful for all of that and how much they put into me.”

Charlie and James are both 16 years old. James lived with his grandma previously before meeting Charlie, who was already in foster care.

James McGinnett says, “the first 13 years of my life, it was just, I was in a rough household for like 11 or 12 of them when I got pulled out and it was just, not something a child should have to go through. The three years now is just really just makes life fun I guess with a family that actually like enjoys spending time with you and actually cares and wants to have fun.”

James, Charlie, and Neisha also have a little brother, Alex, who’s four.

Adoption has taught the McGinnett family.

Lisa McGinnett also says, “you become one and so as a family, we become cohesive. All different parts, all different mindsets, all different thoughts. We become one, we got each other’s backs.”

Source: Grand Junction Local News | Grand Junction family shares their adoption story during National Adoption Month