Grand Valley Open Studios Tour

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo — A paintbrush isn’t the only tool that is used to create a masterpiece.

The term art serves as an umbrella for a multitude of opportunities.

The Grand Valley Open Studios Tour, hints the name is an open invitation for the public to view art in all shapes and sizes across the Western Slope, in the artist’s personal studio.

Maggie Mathis, a local artist, says, “it’s super fun because you get a chance to kind of show your work environment and then people really do want to learn a little bit more about the technique and how you do it.”

Mathis’s technique is one that is unique and a style most probably don’t know about, horse pottery.

Mathis also says, “I don’t feel like I can draw, so instead I try to draw with my horsehair as opposed to a pencil or a paintbrush.”

Mathis treats her artwork as a therapeutic to help heal the soul.

A hobby she enjoys thinking about while enjoying the outdoors.

Mathis added, “when I’m out in hikes, I’m always looking for that cool gnarley piece of wood to add to the tops of the pieces and that kind of thing.”

Syl Mathis, Maggie’s husband, says, “really like the way that a piece of sculpture affects the area that’s it’s in.”

That is Maggie’s husband who also shares a passion for creativity and art, just through a different medium.

Collectively, the duo has been creating art for decades.

Every piece crafted has a special meaning.

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Source: Grand Junction Local News | Grand Valley Open Studios Tour