Group aims to Restore the Balance in Mesa County elections

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Mesa County elections remain a hot topic across the state.

As the June Primary election inches closer, an innovative new group called Restore the Balance has concerned voters from three sides of the political isles rallying together under one cause.

In a first of its kind for Colorado, organizers say, Restore the Balance exists to educate the public about the dangers of political extremism.

Voters of any party are welcome to start a conversation with other Mesa County voters about politicians and issues they care about.

The group also highlight’s conspiracies and disinformation that pose a threat to a healthy democracy.

Restore the Balance is asking voters to sign a pledge, committing to an alternative set of political principles by supporting politicians who denounce conspiracies and disinformation.

The group is meeting at the Colorado Mesa University ballroom for its inaugural meeting Tuesday (5/17) from 4 till 6 pm, “You pledge to recognize that regardless of a political party, we should be electing responsible, and rational leadership and avoid the gridlock that comes when we have noncompromising in positions of power and influence,” Tim Sarmo, an Unaffiliated voter with Restore the Balance says.

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Source: Grand Junction Local News | Group aims to Restore the Balance in Mesa County elections