Homeless Veterans have a New Hope in Grand Junction

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — As the Largest Integrated Healthcare Network, the VA Healthcare System has more than 1200 facilities that serve 9 million veterans each year.

“So, the program is to help identify veterans who are experiencing homelessness and get them re-housed on county issued vouches in the community,” says Christopher Fick, Community Employment Coordinator for the Homeless Veterans Program.

“We provide case management support, getting them benefits they might not be aware of,” continues Fick.

The leading causes of homelessness among vets are PTSD, social isolation, unemployment, and substance abuse. Thanks to fundraisers like VA2K, homelessness among Vets decreased by 40%.

The Grand Junction VA Center has held VA2K, an annual fundraiser to help homeless veterans in the local area for 12 years.

“I’m a veteran myself and I think that getting veterans kind of reintegrated back into society, getting them housed and getting them kind of on track to getting their own health care needs addressed is huge for me,” says Fick.

With a short two-kilometer walk down North Ave., VA2K is a way to help homeless veterans find the path to a place to live and a stable life within our community.

For more information on the program, click here.

Source: Grand Junction Local News | Homeless Veterans have a New Hope in Grand Junction