Hong Kong Chief Executive: “Too Early to Tell” if Mask Ban Effective

The center of the ongoing N.B.A. controversy — Hong Kong Police on Tuesday displayed what they said were weapons seized from rioters.

The items included hammers, lighter fluid and a long sharp knife.

Protests in Hong Kong began in June after hundreds of thousands took to the streets to oppose a controversial bill, which would have legalized extradition from Hong Kong to mainland China.

The movement has snowballed into a grassroots, decentralized crusade for universal suffrage and independent inquiries into alleged police misconduct.

And when it comes to that recent de facto mask ban, embattled Chief Executive Carrie Lam says it’s too early to tell whether it has been effective in curbing the violence.

“It takes time for this new piece of legislation to ban the use of mask to have some effect,” said Lam. “We will have to closely monitor the situation. I cannot tell you categorically now under what circumstances we would do extra things including your inquiry on calling for the Central Government for help, which of course is provided for under the basic law. At this point in time, I still strongly feel that we should find the solution ourselves.”

Recent protests have also grown increasingly violent, with protesters attacking police with petrol bombs and makeshift weapons.

Fights have also broken out between protesters and counter-demonstrators.

Source: NewsNet | Hong Kong Chief Executive: “Too Early to Tell” if Mask Ban Effective