Juan Guaido Arrives in Venezuela Despite Imposed Travel Ban

Despite a very real risk of arrest, Juan Guaido has arrived back in Venezuela after a week away.

The self-declared president of Venezuela was met with cheers and chants from his supporters after he touched down at the Caracas airport on Monday.

Guaido tweeted Monday morning that he was planning to travel back to Venezuela. Stating in an audio message that he was, “determined” to return.

The 35-year-old has emerged from virtual obscurity to become a global figure in the fight against embattled Venezuelan president Maduro’s regime.

But his role in that fight has made him a target of Maduro’s government. A travel ban was imposed on Guaido, stating that he should not leave Venezuela.

Guaido ignored the travel ban by visiting Colombia, Brazil, Paraguay and Ecuador over the last week to meet with leaders in hopes of drumming up support in the region.

Guaido’s return to Venezuela comes as high-stakes protests take place across the country, protests that he called for and plans to lead now that he’s back home.

Source: NewsNet | Juan Guaido Arrives in Venezuela Despite Imposed Travel Ban