Katy Mixon talks about starring in the hilarious ‘American Housewife’ on ABC


Katy Mixon took some time out to talk about her new ABC comedy “American Housewife”.

Mixon stars as “Katie Otto” a housewife in Westport, Connecticut.

The first episode might have focused on Katie’s plight not to be the “second fattest housewife in all of Westport,” but Mixon promised the show is not focused on her character’s weight.

“So they had to set it up that way in the pilot, and now we are off to the races,” Mixon said, adding that they are covering many amazing topics during this first season.

Her character, a mother of three, is married to “Greg” played by Diedrich Bader. Mixon said the chemistry with him was instant, although it took a while to find her the perfect husband.

“I read with eight different guys, and they couldn’t find him!” Mixon said. “I tell you it was a divine appointment; he could not be more wonderful.”

This week, all Katie wants is a nap! Her kids keep her up all night and her husband has the flu, so poor Katie is desperate for some sleep.

You won’t want to miss the second episode of this hilarious show on Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. EDT on ABC!

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