Lawmakers Prepare to Submit Articles of Impeachment


The U.S. House of Representatives may present article of impeachment as early as today.

This on Tuesday night a resolution passed 223 to 205 calling for Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment, essentially calling for the vice president to remove the president from office.

However, Vice President Pence sent the speaker of the house a letter rejecting the proposal.

In the official statement, Pence says impeachment should not be used “as a means of punishment.”

With the vice president’s disagreement the house now looking to seek impeachment today.

During the Tuesday session at the US House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “…And now the president is saying that he is not responsible and that his incitement of violence is totally appropriate. The president’s actions demonstrate his absolute inability to charge the most basic and fundamental powers and duties of his office. Therefore, the president must be removed from office immediately.

Ohio Representative Jim Jordan said, “It is truly an obsession. People on the democrat side have started calling for an impeachment the day president trump was inaugurated. They attacked him before he won the first election…. This is scary where this goes. This is more than just impeaching the president of the United States. This is about cancelling the president and cancelling all the people you guys disagree with.”

Source: NewsNet | Lawmakers Prepare to Submit Articles of Impeachment