Lest They Be Forgotten at Veterans Memorial

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Across the Nation on Memorial Day, we honor those who have died in American wars.

Here in Grand Junction, many gathered for the return of the service at the Veterans Memorial Cemetery of Western Colorado, “Combat brings you together in a way that you just can’t imagine,”

This Memorial Day, we honor and remember all those who lost their lives serving our country, “I salute you sir, thank you for your service to this country and I’ll see you soon,” Larry Cappetto, Lest They Be Forgotten, Producer and Filmmaker said.

Larry Cappetto has spent 20 years interviewing one thousand veterans across North America so that their stories of war may never be forgotten, “They are just my heroes you know, they are some of my local heroes,” Cappetto says, “I have 20 of them in this cemetery and I am out here a lot of times, to me Memorial Day and Veterans Day is everyday.”

Cappetto’s film, Vietnam Remembered aired in 20-4 and the stories live on, “This guy that walked away, that told me he had 21 days left, he walked away, I saw a running in with an RPG, and I mean right there with everyone around I had a clean shot and I shot him 7 times,” local veterans says, “But he got the round off, and it hit right in front of this guy and blew both his legs off, an arm, a finger and an eye.”

We often show our appreciation of our vets with flowers and flags, Cappetto made no exception for his 20 family members buried at Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery, “Andy lived a full life and he worked here in Grand Junction” Cappetto remembers, “I remember eating with him and his wife one of the last memories I have with him, just a very strong man and a very strong patriot and he loved his county.”

it’s never easy losing someone, but in remembrance our vets will never be forgotten./

Source: Grand Junction Local News | Lest They Be Forgotten at Veterans Memorial