Live updates: 6 teens taken to hospital after shooting near Aurora Central High School

AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) – Six teenagers were taken to the hospital after a shooting near Nome Park on Monday afternoon, the Aurora Police Department said.

The victims are between the ages of 14 and 18. Aurora Central High School, which is located at 11700 E. 11th Ave., has the perimeter of the school secured.

An 18-year-old victim got to the hospital on their own after the initial incident. Three of the victims are currently being treated at Children’s Hospital.

Sources inside the school told FOX31’s Joshua Short that kids are currently locked in classrooms and quiet, which is the protocol for situations like these.

APD said the suspect is unknown and no longer at the scene. The perimeter has been expanded as police continue to investigate the area.

One witness described hearing 30 to 50 gunshots, then kids scattering.

Aurora Public Schools will be sending out an email and automated message to communicate dismissal for students to all Central High School parents.

This is the latest of several violent crimes at Nome Park this year.

FOX31’s Data Desk discovered three aggravated assaults that occurred at the park prior to this incident this year, including one that was gun-related. Another three gun-related aggravated assaults occurred across the street.

Nome Park was the location of a gang-related shooting in 2019 in which teen Dangelo Domena was charged with attempted first-degree murder.

APD Chief Vanessa Wilson will be providing updated details on the shooting soon. FOX31 will be streaming that live in the player above and on TV.

Source: Grand Junction Local News | Live updates: 6 teens taken to hospital after shooting near Aurora Central High School