Local Choir Invites Community to Christmas Cantata December 19

MONTROSE, Colo. — A local musician is watching her work come to life this Sunday, as Can It Be? A Christmas Cantata will be officially performed for the first time. 

Emily – who serves as choir director at Victory Baptist Church – started with an idea. “With all the pain, suffering, and disillusionment we all experience today – I wanted to point to the solution for it all.” She compiled music that would flow with the timeline of her idea, then filled in original narration and identified the proper scripture passages to include. 

It has been an extensive process for Emily, who began work on the cantata several months ago. The choir and musicians have been practicing since August. The cantata will include a full choir with piano and cello accompaniment. She selected narrators and has been practicing with them to ensure the right feel and flow for the production. 

Some might suggest it’s a lot of work for one performance. Why not just choose one of the cantatas that were already available? 

“As I was looking through different options in June…what was available, in my opinion, just didn’t quite satisfy the need to affirm that Christmas does have the answer for the brokenness that we see in today’s world,” says Emily, remarking on what makes her material different from the other cantatas that have been produced. “The pandemic, political unrest, turmoil abroad, and more; Christmas doesn’t stop at the manger scene. The story continues. I wanted to tell that story.” 

The one word that comes to mind when she reflects on what Montrose-area residents will enjoy on December 19th? “Hope,” says Emily. “It’s a common theme we toss around at Christmas but usually in obscure and abstract ways. It’s a word that often numbs the pain or temporarily lifts us from the sadness, the despair that seems to surround us. It makes us feel good for a while, and then once the gifts are opened and the lights and decorations are put away, the reality of this broken world hits us all over again. This Christmas, I want people to know that there truly is hope for our brokenness. This hope is a Person, and His name is Jesus Christ.” 

How will it feel to have her work be performed for all to see? “I’ll probably have a better answer after the cantata!” she jokes. “It’s been an honor to see our church come together to work so hard on this project. I’m humbled by their efforts.” 

Can It Be? A Christmas Cantata will be performed Sunday, December 19th at Victory Baptist Church, 2890 N. Townsend Ave. in Montrose. Entry is free and open to the community. For more information, call (970) 249-6874. 

Source: Grand Junction Local News | Local Choir Invites Community to Christmas Cantata December 19