Mars Curiosity Rover Takes Selfie to Mark Experiment

The Curiosity rover paused while doing scientific experiments on mars to take a panoramic shot.

This is actually a combination of 57 images.

They were taken on October 11th by a camera on the end of the rover’s robotic arm.

The combined photo shows the rover’s previous locations where the rover drilled.

It commemorates the second time the rover has performed a “wet chemistry” experiment.

That means most of the analysis is done in a liquid phase.

It also marks the first time the rover has done the experiment on a drilled sample.

The experiment is meant to analyze chemical compounds that could provide information about what the climate on mars used to be like and how it changed.

It can also detect organic compounds that are key to life.

Scientists should know the results of the experiment next year.

Source: NewsNet | Mars Curiosity Rover Takes Selfie to Mark Experiment