Mesa County judge rules on motions to ease Tina Peter's bond conditions

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo (KREX) — The drama surrounding embattled Mesa County Clerk and Recorder, Tina Peters continues to sound alarms. Harvey Steinberg, Peter’s fifth attorney in the case, filed a request for Peters to have unrestricted access last Tuesday. District Attorney, Dan Rubinstein filed a response.

Dan Rubinstein says, “the court did not give her blanket authorization to leave the jurisdiction. In part we had objected out of concern that shortly after all of this happened, she got on, what we were told was Mike Lindell’s plane and was absent for several weeks where nobody knew where she was and it was a concern to  us she has unrestrictive authority to leave the state.”

The judge sided with Rubenstein last Friday night and denied the attorney’s motion to give Peters unrestricted authority. Now, Rubinstein’s office has filed another response to a new request from Peter’s attorney to allow her to travel outside of the state of Colorado.

The court previously ordered Peters to turn her passport into the court as a condition of bond, so she couldn’t leave the country, an order Peters ignored. Rubinstein also says, “she has not yet surrended her passport, she’s been out on bond for quite some time and has not followed that condition of the court’s order.”

Most recently, Peters filed yet another motion requesting to leave on an individual basis, citing a variety of out-of-state conferences she wishes to attend. Once again, Rubinstein, objected, “she still has not followed the condition of surrending her passport and has not really explained in any detail when she intends to leave the state or when she intends to return for each of these conferences. It’s not the sort of level of specificity that we would normally get.”

Rubinstein says Peters also got rid of her old phone, which he believes makes her a flight risk. Rubinstein added, “normally if you’re going to ask permission to leave the jurisdiction to have an exception to rule for staying within the jurisdiction of the court, you would identify where you’re going to be, how long you’re going to be there, why you to need to be there”

Something Rubinstein said is highly unusual for someone is asking a judge to remove a bond order to remain in the jurisdiction. Rubinstein also says, “I anticipate he will probably be pretty upset that she still has not turned in her passport.”

By late Wednesday afternoon, Rubenstein told KREX 5 and FOX 4 Peters responded to his objection and a judge’s order and turned over her passport. Had she not done so the judge could have revoked her bond, it still remains up to the judge to decide whether or not  Peter’s bond should be revoked.

Source: Grand Junction Local News | Mesa County judge rules on motions to ease Tina Peter’s bond conditions