Mesa County Landfill operator breaks down incoming fee increase

MESA COUNTY, Colo. (KREX) — It is no joke that the Mesa County Landfill will have new fees starting April 1.

Mesa County Landfill Director Jennifer Richardson assures the new fee increase will not mainly apply to residential dumps, just loads from commercial businesses.

“Less than one cubic yard so basically a pick up truck bed it’s gonna be five dollars,” Mesa County Landfill Director Jennifer Richardson informs, 1 cubic yard to 5 cubic yards; so a small trailer is going to be 10 dollars, and those great big dump truck that we see coming around, anything more than 5 cubic yards of material is going to be 15 dollars.”

The main place you’ll pay increased fees is for compost.

“The new landfill fees are not meant to break the bank, but to help break even the expenses to keep programs like this alive,” Cora Dickey reports.

Mesa County’s landfill programs are popular across the board.

“We have recycled enough mattresses to save three Olympic-sized swimming pools,” Richardson mentions.

Massive loads in the compost facility are just two days worth of drop offs. The dump has never charged for yard drop-offs before, but the fees help provide quality resources when usage goes this high.

“All of that it is paid for come in when you’re dropping waste,” Richardson clarifies, “None of that comes from the general fund and taxpayer dollars.”

It all boils down to supply and demand but the small change will extend the landfill’s life.

“The Landfill is projected to be full in 2055,” Richardson informs, “When we do these diversion project, it just extends that life even further out, which is great for the community.”

Source: Grand Junction Local News | Mesa County Landfill operator breaks down incoming fee increase