Mesa County's 2022 budget is 26% more than this years

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX)- Rural communities like Grand Junction saw tourism, retail, construction, real estate and employment soar higher than the rest of the state, while oil and gas and mining industries fell behind.

The Commissioners believe the new budget will help Mesa County achieve fiscal stability, while enhancing community services.

2022’s budget came out to $245.6 million that’s an increase of just more than $50 million or 26% over this years budget.

The larger amount comes from federal funding, all thanks to the American Rescue Plan, but the budget isn’t the only thing increasing.

“We are seeing an increase in both sales tax and property tax this year as well to the tune of $13 million or $14 million,” Cody Davis, Mesa County commissioner says, “So we are seeing an increase in our budget but not to the tune of $50 million we are really excited because sometimes its a real problem when you don’t have money or when you do have money its also a problem because then you have to spend it and you have to spend it well and wisely.”

With help from the American Rescue Plan, Mesa County can now get to work on important projects like the Clifton community halls, updated water and sewer treatments in De Beque and larger infrastructure for improved broadband services across the county.

Source: Grand Junction Local News | Mesa County’s 2022 budget is 26% more than this years