Mesa Mall seeks new hires for Christmas season and beyond

GRADN JUNCTION, Colo. — While only 13 stores were present during the fair, everyone is hiring at Mesa Mall. Open positions are not just full-time and part-time, but seasonal to get through the holidays.

According to mall managers, there’s no time to waste to get more people punching the clock.

“Our seasonal positions they will they will start in three weeks, it’s really close to Black Friday so, that way, we can train them for that,” The Buckle’s General Manager Daniel Mendoza shares, “Really, our biggest season is going to be December. December is the start of a ton of business that we do and will definitely need extra hands for that.”

“Everyone in the mall is is definitely hiring,” Mesa Mall Marketing Manager Natalie Schievelbein proclaims, “If you walk around, you’ll see multiple signs in their windows. I would encourage anyone who is looking for a job to go in and ask for Manager, fill out the application and apply for a job.”

Interviews start as soon as next week for some businesses. If you’re on the job hunt and missed out on the fair, you can still apply by finding the QR code in front of stores or talk to managers.

Source: Grand Junction Local News | Mesa Mall seeks new hires for Christmas season and beyond