Michael Cohen Raid Documents Released

We’re finding out more about the Michael Cohen raid in April 2018.

Dozens of pages of partially redacted documents were released Tuesday morning.

This comes after a federal judge ruled to unseal them.

Here’s some of what the documents show:

Investigators went after Cohen’s Gmail accounts going back to 2015, during Cohen’s time at the Trump organization.

Prosecutors asked for data from Cohen’s cell phones the month before the 2016 election.

They also tracked Cohen’s incoming and outgoing calls for two months after the raid, when he was in touch with Trump and his lawyers.

A section of the documents detailing Cohen’s campaign finance violations is redacted, as well as some sections on his payments to women – who say they had affairs with Trump.

Cohen’s lawyer Lanny Davis says the unsealing of these materials shows his client is “continuing to cooperate and providing the truth about Donald Trump and the Trump organization.”

Cohen was given a three-year prison sentence for numerous crimes, including campaign finance violations.

He’s expected to start his term behind bars in may.

Source: NewsNet | Michael Cohen Raid Documents Released