Montrose discusses property transfer for hospital

MONTROSE, Colo. (KREX) — Heading across the Western Slope, Montrose County Commissioners gathered in a work session to discuss the potential future of the Montrose Regional Hospital.

Montrose Memorial Hospital changed its name to Montrose Regional Health to focus on the entire region and now, they are looking at the idea of expanding.

Montrose County Commissioners met with hospital directors and residents to discuss the potential property transfer of buildings and land, currently owned by the county.

Commissioners say Montrose Regional Health is among the last county-owned hospitals in the state, “We did start having conversations just about why are we still a county hospital and what are the advantages to taxpayers,” Sue Hansen, Montrose County Commissioners says, “Talking about health care in a small community and we all know how vulnerable some of these rural hospitals are we intend that we protect our local hospital.”

Commissioner Hansen sits on the hospital’s board and after meeting with Montrose county residents, Commissioners will continue to support the hospital even if it means, it’s not county-owned.

No decision has been made, as the board prepares to hold its next meeting later in April.

Source: Grand Junction Local News | Montrose discusses property transfer for hospital