More Sears, K-Mart Stores Closing Early Next Year

Sears, once the dominant big-box retailer with thousands of stores, continues to shrink as it tries to emerge from bankruptcy.

The company says it will get through the Christmas season, but expects to be forced to close another 96 Sears and K-Mart stores in February.

Going out of business sales will start on December 2nd for those locations.

This continues a trend that has been accelerating for months.

Following this group of closures in February 2020, Sears will operate just 182 stores.

That’s down from the nearly seven hundred stores it had when it filed for bankruptcy in October of last year.

The store closings are spread across thirty states.

The company said all eligible store workers will be offered the same number of weeks of severance as offered before the bankruptcy filing.

Source: NewsNet | More Sears, K-Mart Stores Closing Early Next Year