North Carolina House Seat Remains Red, Speaks to G.O.P. 2020 Reelection Hopes

Conservative republican Dan Bishop won a special election for an open house seat in North Carolina…

Averting a demoralizing democratic capture of a district the G.O.P. has held for nearly six decades.

But his narrow victory didn’t erase questions about whether President Donald Trump and his party’s congressional candidates face troubling headwinds approaching 2020.

Bishop, a state senator best known for a North Carolina law dictating which public bathrooms transgender people can use defeated centrist democrat Dan Mccready on Tuesday.

Bishop tied himself tightly to Trump — who staged an election eve rally for him in the district…

And Tuesday’s voting seemed no less than a referendum on the republican president, who quickly took credit for the triumph.

Both Bishop and Mccready addressed the media and supporters.

“Tonight, the voters of North Carolina sent a message that shouldn’t just be heard within the confines of the Ninth District,” started Bishop, announcing his victory. “It should reverberate across this country and in the halls of the Capitol. The voters said no to the radical liberal policies being pushed by today’s Democratic Party. They said no, they said no to Nancy Pelosi, AOC, and the squad. And they said no to the harassment, obstruction and impeachment mob that wants to undermine this country’s success for their own power. But they said yes to America, yes to more jobs, more freedom, more opportunity. They said yes to protecting life and our Constitution. They said yes to the rule of law. And so now the campaign is over. And we have to get to work governing.”

“Together, despite the odds against us, despite the voices that doubted us,” said Mccready, addressing his supporters Tuesday evening. “The people of North Carolina stood up and we faced down the full force of election fraud and voter suppression. (cheers) . When the people in power sought to silence the voices of the voters, stole their ballots, forged signatures for them, filled in vote choices for them. When they perpetrated the largest case of election fraud in recent American history, we fought back and we won. As we were not successful tonight, but I want you to remember that victory postponed is not defeat.”

Bishop’s margin comes in at about two percent, far less of an advantage than the 11 points with which President Trump carried the district in 2016.

Source: NewsNet | North Carolina House Seat Remains Red, Speaks to G.O.P. 2020 Reelection Hopes