Officers revealing new details about 2 people struck and killed by cars in different parts of Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) —

Officers are still trying to identify a woman in her 50s who was killed while crossing Cedar Avenue Monday night.

“She was walking westbound right at about Garland, and she crossed over to the median. And when she stepped onto the median someone who was traveling southbound Cedar struck and unfortunately she was killed,” said Capt. Mike Reid, Fresno Police Department.

Then, just three hours later, a man in his 50’s was walking along the road near Brawley and Princeton when he was the victim of a hit and run. Officers said an ambulance was already in the area. The emergency responders spotted the man in the road and called police.

“It appears that that person was actually walking off the road in kind of an unimproved area of the roadway. So it looked like they were doing everything, but obviously, they were struck from the rear end so they didn’t see that oncoming traffic which is tragic,” said Reid.

The two incidents Monday night bring Fresno’s total pedestrian deaths from car accidents to 13 so far this year. That’s more than last year’s total of 12, yet less than in 2014 where 17 pedestrians were killed from car crashes.

Fresno police are warning people to use the crosswalk when crossing the street and obey traffic signals, especially at night.

“Really light (colored) clothes are best. Anything reflective is obviously better. If you can, at all times, face the traffic that’s coming at you. That way you can get a heads up. Both of these are struck either on the side or on the rear,” said Reid.

Officers are still looking for the hit and run driver from the accident near Brawley and Princeton last night. They believe the driver was in an older model Toyota pickup.

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